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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Evolve Medical Education, please check the list of frequently asked questions below.

How do I print my CE Certificate?

Log in with your User ID and password and go to “MyCE”. Near the top you will see a section titled “Certificates”. Remember that you can re-print any certificates from courses you have completed online at www.evolvemeded.com.

What should I do if I forget my username and/or password?

At the top right of the site, you can select the “Login” dropdown (mobile users, click the “X” in the top right and then “Login”). From here, visit the “Forgot your password?” link, and provide the email address your account has been registered with. You will be sent an email containing a link which will allow you to change your password.

How can I find out about upcoming live events?

Click on the tab “Live Courses” for a list of Evolve Medical Education sponsored live events, including location and registration information.

What should I do if I complete the course and exam and do not receive the CE certificate?

Click on the “Contact” tab and then click on the link to email “Support” and let us know which course you have completed and passed but for which you have not received your CE Certificate.

Is the CE certificate I receive via this website sufficient for reporting to local agencies?

Yes. That is your official CE Certificate and serves as proof that you completed a course when reporting to local agencies.

If I exit a course before completing it, can I return and finish the course at another time?

Yes. When you log in and go to “MyCE” it will show you all the courses you have taken to date and indicate which courses are complete, incomplete, if you have received a certificate, etc.

Can I access a CE certificate through this website after I have attended a live event that Evolve Medical Education has sponsored?

Yes. You will see a link on the homepage that says “If you need a certificate for a live event click here”. You will then be prompted to complete a request form that includes basic information on the live symposium you attended and for which you are requesting a CE Certificate. Your request will be sent directly to Evolve Medical Education for processing. Attendance is subject to verification prior to the CE certificate being issued. You should receive your CE Certificate electronically within 10 business days. If we are unable to verify your attendance via a sign-in sheet, scanned conference badge or completed CE/evaluation form, we will be unable to issue a CE certificate.